KupidAI is a sophisticated AI girlfriend simulator that allows you to chat with, text with, and share voice chat messages, with a small number of pre-generated characters, all of them beautiful young females, and all having photorealistic or ultranuatural appearances. The ability to create your own AI soulmates is promised to be coming very soon. In the meantime, the site excels with the voice call feature, with all of the existing eight characters having a unique voice. Each character also has quite a detailed individual backstory and personality, from 18 year old Sakrua, a shy an introverted art school student with a passion for manga, to 28 year old redhaired Sienna, the oldest of the characters, who is a confident business teacher and entrepaneur.

Premium members enjoy a variety of benefits, including up to 100 images and 100 voice calls, as well as the AI having more chat memory.

KupidAI existing generated characters