DreamGF is the first AI girlfriend generator that not only allows you to create your dream girl visually, but also her chatbot personality. It begins with one of the most powerful and photorealistic AI image generators we’ve seen, and which easily enables you to create a truly stunning and convincingly real girl that will melt your heart just with her looks alone. Tailor her appearance to your desires, from her ethnicity to her fashion style. Once you have generated your stunning girl, then you can build her personality, again in a very easy way through the use of a huge selection of prompt tags that cover a wide variety of categories.

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Now you have both her appearance and personality developed, it’s time for the fun to begin. She’s yours now, your very own unique and beautiful sweetheart who will love you forever. You can text each other, exchange voice calls, swap nude selfies, and soon, even make x-rated naughty videos together. For however sweet and angelic your new girlfriend will look, she will be as kinky as you want her to be.

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